How it works

How It Works

The DuneLadder is constructed on site, built into the sand dune. Its unique patented structure allows it to be backfilled with sand which is then compacted. That sand is planted with salt grass. The roots take hold, naturalize, and protect and grow the dune.

When a wave hits the DuneLadder, it travels up the curved structure, dissipating much of the wave's power, and washes down over the sand and salt grass. The action further compacts the sand The forward flow of the wave is redirected rather than forcefully opposed.
The salt grass also acts as a sand catcher. As the winds blow the sand, the grass catches the sand, the sand builds and the grass re-roots on top of the new sand. The process continues and a sand dune is "grown," often producing a new dune if=n front of the DuneLadder installation.

Mouse over the image to see the action of
a wave on the DuneLadder.

Unlike traditional bulkheads where the wave hits the structure head-on, here the wave follows the DuneLadder's upward curve.

The force dissipates and the wave recedes, forcing sand and pressure down and allowing the structure and salt grass to capture the sand while depositing more sand at the base.

The salt grass which naturalizes and continues to flourish in the new sand layers, also traps wind blown sand and increases the depth of the dune.